Know Before You Go

Dining Tips:
Be Patient
Enjoy the cultural dining experience. The business is happy that you are there and are just as nervous as you. Enjoy and have FUN!
Is not commonly used. Request exactly what you need i.e. fork, knife, spoon and straw.
Many have learned British English. You will see words spelled differently not typos. Other words may be spelled phonetically for example, “with” could be spelled “whit” or “breakfast” spelled “breakfas”
Do not expect water to be provided automatically. When requesting water, be specific, bottled or non-bottled water.
Remember, English is a second language. Don’t speak too fast. Be patient. Be kind. Don’t be afraid to use the translator on your phone.
Menus will have pictures and descriptions in English and the native language.
Food Allergies
Check the menu before arriving. Ingredient details and food specifications such as gluten free, dairy free, calories may not be available. THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY THAT THERE IS CROSS CONTAMINATION OF INGREDIENTS i.e. nuts, etc.
“Yes” is a very common answer when something is not understood. It is not an affirmation.
Meals are prepared at the time they are ordered. Meals typically take 10-15 minutes to prepare.
Esthetic Simple.
Cash or Credit Card