About Us

Who We Are

Surprising partnerships bring dramatic results.

Elevate Northland is a Community Development Corporation that brings together groups working on business development, public health, poverty and building community bonds.


Elevate Northland lifts up diverse people and creates opportunities.


A cultural destination within a connected community.


Alice Foeller


Specialty: Business

Alicia Ward


Specialty: Community/Civic

Jenny Leal


Specialty: Nonprofit/Public Health

Our Board of Directors

  • Alicia Ward, Chair & Co-Founder
    • President, Northland Community Council
  • Alice Foeller, Treasurer & Co-Founder
    • President, Northland Area Business Association
  • Jenny Leal, Secretary & Co-Founder
    • Chair, Northland Alliance
  • Cynthia Engmann
    • President, Ghana Council
  • Marci Hasty
    • District Executive Director, North YMCA
  • Mary Lutz
    • Director, Columbus Center, Ashland University

Our Team

Nadlin Antwi

Community Outreach Worker

Three Groups Working Together

Northland Community Council

The NCC is a quasi-governmental group supporting civic life in Northland by bringing together the combined influence of civic associations in each neighborhood as well as other area organizations. The NCC serves in the role of an area commission for Northland, as well, with a Development Committee that hears zoning cases and recommends for or against to the Columbus City Council.

Northland Alliance

The Northland Alliance is a nonprofit community organization. Its mission is to create opportunities to effect positive change for organizations, associations, residents and anyone associated with the Northland area of Columbus, Ohio.

Northland Area Business Association

NABA is a nonprofit corporation formed to promote the interests of Northland Area business owners, managers and property owners; and to promote responsible revitalization of the Greater Northland Trade Area.