Community Meeting Schedule Change - Elevate Northland

Community Meeting Schedule Change

New location of Afra Grill Opening
April 28, 2022
New Restaurant: Tasty Tacos
May 11, 2022

Community Meeting Schedule Change

A note from our Executive Director:

Thank you all for your continued participation in the Elevate Northland monthly community meeting. Keeping each other informed and up-to-date on our work in the community is powerful and necessary to ensure that we are aware and able to support each other.

In an effort to increase participation, the meeting will be held quarterly from 12:00-1:00PM.  To maximize the time that we have together, I am suggesting that we use the following report outline to when sharing information.
I. Updates (organization updates)
II. Upcoming (list of upcoming activities/events)
III. Unity (how the Northland community can support)
Below is the updated meeting schedule. We will update the calendar invite to reflect the new schedule. Of course if there is an urgent item that you would like to share, please feel free to email me directly.
Updated meeting schedule
  • June 8th
  • September 14th
  • December 14th
  • February 8th
  • May 10th
  • August 9th
  • November 8th
Again, thank you for your continued participation in the community meeting.